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The Woodlands at Austin Lake is a planned development condominium community that offers an exceptional living experience on 35 wooded acres. This wooded community offers a maintenance free lifestyle in a natural private setting. There are duplex and stand alone units, and Sassafras - Phase III offers full daylight basements.

Bill & Jackie Patterson

Local owners and developers, Bill and Jackie Patterson are committed to designing and developing a beautiful "green" woodland community offering a maintenance free lifestyle in a natural private setting. Bill is a certified green professional builder and all condos are built to exceed the highest Energy Star standards.


Bill and Jackie personally designed the layout. They spent several months walking the land and deciding where the roads should go. They design the plans for all of the condos and the landscaping. They wanted energy- efficient, environmentally friendly homes and are committed to quality construction. The condos and landscaping are built around the natural topography. In the beginning stages they consulted with an environmental specialist to help design a natural drainage system that wouldn't disrupt the natural landscape. The resulting "rain gardens" around each condo are functional, natural and beautiful.


You can choose a plan they have already used, or have them design something just for you. Custom built, you make the decisions so that your condo fits your lifestyle and is unique for you. Different color combinations, styles, landscaping, and placement on the site guarantees an individual look to the community. No "cookie-cutter" look here!


Condos are also designed for privacy. Duplex units are attached at the garages with 10' between units. Decks are built to ensure privacy.


Portage residents, Bill and Jackie believe you should give back to your community. Bill is on the Portage planning commission, and both are very active in the community.

  • 35+ beautiful wooded acres

  • 75 units - singles & duplexes

  • Gazebo with fireplace

  • Fire pit

  • Boulevard entrance

  • Innovative “Rain Gardens”

  • Deer, fox and more right outside your windows

  • Daylight Basements in Sassafras - Phase III

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